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2022 Ford Expedition Programmed

2022 Ford key fob programmed by Aarvark affordable locksmith

We programmed this vehicle using a pass-through device.

Aardvark Affordable Lock Service is not your average automotive locksmith company. We are constantly learning new techniques to program vehicles that others simply can’t.

Recently we were able to program a 2022 Ford Expedition using a pass-through device in conjunction with our laptop and NASTF account linking to the manufacturer server to program.

At Aardvark Affordable Lock Service, we stand out in the automotive locksmith landscape for our relentless pursuit of innovation and our expertise in handling modern automotive security systems. Unlike traditional locksmith services, our approach integrates cutting-edge technology with sophisticated techniques to address the evolving security features of today’s vehicles.

Our team is committed to continuous learning and development, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in automotive locksmithing. This commitment has positioned us as leaders in the field, capable of programming vehicles that are often deemed too challenging or too new by other locksmiths.

A recent testament to our advanced capabilities was our successful programming of a 2022 Ford Expedition. This task was accomplished using a state-of-the-art pass-through device, which allowed us to interface directly with the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port. By connecting this device to our laptop, we were able to establish a secure connection to the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) account, granting us access to the manufacturer’s server.

This direct link to the manufacturer’s server is crucial, as it enables us to program keys and security systems with the same level of access and authority as the dealerships themselves. The process involves updating the vehicle’s security module with new keys or reprogramming existing keys, a task that requires both technical knowledge and access to proprietary manufacturer data.

Our ability to utilize tools like the pass-through device and access NASTF accounts underscores our commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable service to our customers. This technology not only allows us to service the latest vehicle models but also ensures that our work is performed to the highest standards, maintaining the integrity of the vehicle’s security system.

Moreover, our success with vehicles like the 2022 Ford Expedition showcases our ability to adapt to the rapidly changing automotive landscape. As vehicles become increasingly sophisticated, featuring advanced keyless entry systems and digital security protocols, the importance of having a knowledgeable and technologically equipped locksmith has never been more critical.

Aardvark Affordable Lock Service is more than just a locksmith company; we are your partners in automotive security, providing peace of mind through our expertise and innovative approach to vehicle programming. Whether you’re facing a lockout situation, need a key programmed, or require more complex security services, our team is equipped to handle the challenge, ensuring your vehicle is secure and accessible when you need it most. When you need a locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona, give us a call.

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